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Stay Competitive with Concierge Services

One way to set yourself apart from other auto rental agencies is to offer concierge services. Here are a few ideas of how you can use concierge services as the “carrot” to entice customers:

  • Partner with local places and offer coupons or incentives
  • Facilitate restaurant reservations for ”must-try” local establishments or those with regional food specialties.
  • Assist with reservations for shows, movies, local attractions and other area highlights.
  • Offer door-to-door service: Arrange to deliver the car to the renter at the hotel and pick up the car. That way, renters don’t have to cut into their valuable vacation time.
  • Offer “accessories”: umbrellas, beach chairs, bikes, etc.
  • Include a welcome package: weather forecast, local coupons, emergency locations (hospital, urgent care, pharmacy, etc.), places of worship and more.
  • Calendar of local celebrations – best times to visit based on what’s going on in their “town/city.” Most cities have a calendar of events, so link to it.
  • Go into more detail with a mini-newsletter, complete with enticing photos: parades, competitions, shows, expos, etc.
  • Local travel: what roads to avoid due to construction or congestion (rush hour)
  • Insider tips: Share information so that renters can experience the area like a local.

And if you really want to go the extra mile (pun intended), consider these types of concierge services:

  • Invest in a mobile app that includes some of the items listed above
  • For areas with tolls, offer a free responder
  • Partner with a towing company for roadside assistance (although we hope your renters will never need it!)

You can offer such services to all renters, or use them as an incentive for repeat business. Start a loyalty club, and reward your best customers with these perks.

Put yourself in the shoes (or driver seat) of those renting your vehicles. They’re looking for value-added services. Your partners get extra exposure. You’re looking to one-up the competition. It’s a win-win-win.