About Triad

In an auto rental insurance niche market with few insurers to offer competitive rates and coverage options, Triad was formed to facilitate a market with limited choices.  With 30+ years experience in this specialty market Triad began with the goal of capitalizing on this experience, in depth knowledge, and understanding of this specialized line.  We bring product expertise, customized service, and can offer choices where there once were none.

Triad is respected by, and has strong, longstanding relationships with our carriers and business partners, which lends to the ability of serving our brokers and insured’s by offering more than simply auto rental insurance coverage.  We also provide garage liability, gkll, dealers open lot, and property coverage’s in addition to auto rental coverage.

Triad has a support staff with several years of experience in commercial insurance programs, who handle all aspects of client service including underwriting, billing, collection and distribution of premiums, certificates of insurance, ID cards, policy issuance, and claims assistance.